[linux-yocto] v4.8.x - stable updates comprising v4.8.18

Paul Gortmaker paul.gortmaker at windriver.com
Mon Feb 6 13:44:04 PST 2017

Bruce, Yocto kernel folks:

The current v4.8.17 baseline was released at the same time as v4.9.2
stable.  This means that we need to start looking at the v4.9.3 stable
content in terms of what makes sense for v4.8.x -- also since v4.9 was
completed well before v4.8.17 was done, we know we don't need to examine
the content between 4.8.0 and 4.9.0 for v4.8.x stable backports.

The v4.9.3 release brought in roughly 200 backports over what was in
v4.9.2 --- after auditing them and removing commits that were for 4.9+
and refresing the remaining commits as required, there were ~160 that
remained as applicable against the v4.8.17 baseline of interest here.

I've put this 4.8.x queue through all the testing that I figured
made sense, and after no obvious problems, I bumped the Makefile and
did the signed tag just as I've done in the past for the v2.6.34
"official" longterm kernel.org stable releases I'd created.  Unlike
the older 2.6.34 release, I'm not intending to push this back out
through Greg and into the main stable repos ; partly to minimize
overhead, and partly to allow me to end updates once it is no longer
relevant to Yocto releases.

Testing: Booted v4.8.18 ; booted v4.8.18 tag merged into yocto's
preempt-rt/base; both on a COTS x86_64 Core2 Duo machine.  I've also
built v4.8.18 for mips, ppc, arm, arm64 by using yocto-4.9 builds and
then hard reset standard/base to v4.8.18; followed by running a
"make oldconfig ; make -j20" in a devshell to rebuild the vmlinux
there and finally confirming via "strings" that the vmlinux were
indeed v4.8.18 and not v4.9.6

As it is tagged in the same way Greg did tag his updates, your
existing workflow should be unchanged, except now it has to source
a repo on kernel.org in my directory instead of Greg's:

Please find a signed v4.8.18 tag using this key:


in the repo in my kernel.org directory here:


for merge to standard/base in linux-yocto-4.8 and then out from there
into the other base and BSP branches.  The test merges that I did
locally indicated no obvious signs of looming conflicts.


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