[linux-yocto] [PATCH 00/87] New standard/lsi branch - linux-yocto_3.4

Bruce Ashfield bruce.ashfield at windriver.com
Mon May 27 12:24:07 PDT 2013

On 13-05-27 12:55 PM, Paul Butler wrote:
> Creating a new branch in linux-yocto_3.4 for tracking LSI BSP changes.
> Branched from standard/base at commit fff57da7886cf5e99c07adf6649610cb1cd89330

I added comments throughout the code. There are some minor cleanups
and references that are required.

We need to continue to work this code into a format that is destined
for the mainline kernel. Even my comments are not complete from that
point of view, but they are a step along the road.



> Benjamin Herrenschmidt (1):
>    powerpc/mpic: Create a revmap with enough entries for IPIs and timers
> David Mercado (4):
>    LSI axm55xx: Add multi-cluster support for up to 16 cores
>    LSI axm55xx: Fix boot issues with PREMPT_RT kernel
>    LSI axm55xx: Add ability to parse specific core numbers in the DTB
>    LSI acp34xx: Fixed build error in acp34xx serial driver
> Fredrik Markstr (1):
>    usb/host/ehci-ci13612: stop accessing the secondary register space
> Jiang Lu (27):
>    arch/arm: Updating Kconfig and Makefile for axxia
>    arch/arm/tools/mach-types: adding axxia in the      mach-types
>    ppc/47x: add cputable entries for ACP 34xx
>    powerpc/47x: add acpx1 board support
>    ACP34xx:Fix a few mismatch section warnings
>    powerpc/acp34xx: add clk_get/_rate support for acp board
>    LSI:ACP34xx:standardize debug macro
>    lsi/ncr: add support to read/write access to configuration ring
>      resources
>    lsi/nand: add acp3400 nand flash controller support
>    lsi/ubootenv: add read access to the uboot env
>    lsi/nand:Use EP501G1_NAND_1BIT_ECC0_STATUS to check HW ECC
>    tty:ACP serial:extract clock freq from device tree
>    kgdboc, acp serial: rx polling hook for the acp_serial driver
>    drivers/dma: Add Common LSI-DMA driver for ACP34xx and AXM55xx.
>    PowerPC:ACP34xx:Add app350 i2c controller driver
>    SPI:pl022:Update driver to support of-platform drivers
>    PowerPC:ACP34xx:Add SPI at25 eeprom support
>    powerpc/4xx: add support for the PCIe controller on ACP34xx
>    drivers/net: Added support for acp network driver
>    net/acp: add the netpoll support for acp device
>    LSI:NIC:Using default value when ubootenv driver not present
>    powerpc/47x: Kernel support for KEXEC
>    powerpc/44x: kexec for SMP 47x
>    GPIO:pl061:Update driver to support of-platform drivers
>    PowerPC:ACP34xx:Add support for pl061 gpio driver
>    ACP34xx:Add device tree for ACP344x v2 board
>    Acp34xx:disable device when enabled set to 0 in dts
> John Jacques (7):
>    arm/boot: Boot loader emulation code for AXM5516.
>    arm/dts: add dts for LSI AXM5516 simulation and emulation/asic.
>    arm/boot: change target name
>    arm/boot: Updates for Emulation Bringup.
>    arm/boot: Fix the problem with device tree loading in emulation
>    arm/boot: add earlyprintk in the bootargs
>    arm/boot: Use supersections for the early page table in the armv7 case
> Kevin Hao (7):
>    usb/ehci-ci13612: add support for ci13612 host controller
>    usb/ehci-ci13612: use the of match method to probe the hcd
>    usb/ehci-ci13612: use dynamic virtual address to map the hcd registers
>    ppc/476: workaround for erratum #40 on dd2 core
>    powerpc/44x: allow the kernel to be run from a non-zero physical
>      address
>    powerpc/acpx1: add early debug support for acpx1 board
>    powerpc/acpx1: make udbg do IO access in AS1
> Michael Bringmann (9):
>    drivers/i2c/ai2c: add dts support in the driver
>    mach-axxia/i2c: fix editing typo.
>    mach-axxia/i2c: remove unnecessary code
>    arm/dts: add configurations for I2C busses
>    mach-axxia/i2c: fix i2c platform data structure
>    drivers/i2c/ai2c: add more dtb support
>    drivers/i2c/ai2c: remove acp34xx from Makefile
>    drivers/i2c/ai2c: Remove references to outdated types
>    drivers/i2c/ai2c: Fix compile warning about unneeded label
> Paul Butler (23):
>    drivers/leds: Added support for RBS leds
>    drivers/hwmon: add support for Analog Devices ADT75
>    drivers/i2c/busses: adding ai2c driver
>    drivers/usb/host/ehci-ci13612.c: replaced bugzilla comments
>    drivers/usb/host/ehci-ci13612.c: fix a burst size issue
>    fs/vmfs: adding arm vmfs patch
>    arch/arm/boot/dts: adding new dts files
>    arch/arm/boot/fmboot: adding support for Fast Models
>    arch/arm/mach-axxia: adding mach-axxia support
>    arch/arm/mach-axxia/axxia.c: Chip select control for SPI devices.
>    arch/arm/mach-axxia/Makefile: adding i2c
>    arch/arm/mm: proc-v7-2level.S and 3level - checking coherent walk bits
>    arch/arm/mach-axxia: adding i2c code
>    include/linux/i2c-axxia.h: added missing file to fix build bug
>    arch/arm/mach-axxia: fixed section mismatch warnings
>    arch/arm/mach-axxia: pci.c fixes incorrect device reference
>    arm/asm/io.h: let ioremap() fall back to platform specific one
>    drivers/tty: Add support for lsi acp serial driver and console
>    drivers/usb: ehci-ci13612.c replaced hard-coded address and irq to use
>      dtb
>    drivers/crypto/amcc/crypto4xx_core.c: added include for linux/module.h
>    LSI acp34xx: Major rework of lsi_acp_net.c Ethernet driver
>    drivers/crypto/amcc: removed section mismatch warning
>    powerpc: fix section mismatch warnings
> SangeethaRao (2):
>    arm/dts: updating PCIe related files for TPAGE and BAR0
>    arm/dts: updated for PCIe node name
> Suzuki Poulose (1):
>    powerpc/47x: Enable CRASH_DUMP
> Wang Hui (2):
>    drivers/i2c/ai2c: remove default y from Kconfig
>    arm: fmboot: make the fmboot image
> Wei Yang (2):
>    powerpc/44x: Fix/Initialize PID to kernel PID before the TLB search
>    powerpc/prom: remove the illegal reversed memory region
> yhe (1):
>    kexec/44x: avoid cpu spin code flushed by new kernel
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