[linux-yocto] "/home/bruce" appears to be embedded into linux-yoct-3.8

Bruce Ashfield bruce.ashfield at windriver.com
Fri Jun 7 16:19:25 PDT 2013

On 13-06-07 4:11 PM, Darren Hart wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> I'm trying to generate the .config file for the standard-minnow BSP
> outside of the bitbake environment:
> dvhart at envy:~/source/linux/linux-yocto-3.8 [meta]
> $ meta/scripts/configme --reconfig --output . standard minnow
> [INFO] Configuring target/machine combo: "standard/minnow"
> [INFO] collecting configs in ./meta/meta-series
> [ERROR] frag
> /home/bruce/poky-kernel/new-repo/meta/cfg/kernel-cache/ktypes/base/base.cfg
> does not exist
> Error running the meta series for collecting config data
> config of "standard/minnow" failed
> Am I doing this wrong? I checked for where I might need to change
> "/home/bruce/...":

Clearly everyone should work out of /home/bruce! :)

> dvhart at envy:~/source/linux/linux-yocto-3.8 [meta]
> $ grep -r "/home/bruce" * | wc -l
> 8011
> Not terrible helpful :-)

Yep. Already debugged earlier this week. The fix is simple enough, it
was a missed cleanup step in the tree generation, which was also showing
on linux-yocto-dev.

Any other time, I might have scratched my head at this!

The fix is simple .. clean up those scratch files. I just pushed the
cleanup to the meta branch of linux-yocto-3.8.

I can't say that it will immediately fix your problem, but it should.
The tools are picking up the wrong target, and that is causing you pain.

But you are doing something slightly different. To use configme outside
of the tree, you need to have create a meta-series already, and in this
case, you are picking up an old and nasty one.

So make sure you've run the patch phase at least once, and you should
be good to go.

I'm away until Sunday, so lob out another bug report if it doesn't
fix the problem, and I'll pick it up again then.




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