[linux-yocto] looking for doc for in-house linux-kernel dev tree

Jean-François Dagenais jeff.dagenais at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 09:50:34 PDT 2013

Hi Bruce, thanks for the answer... here's a follow up.

On 2013-06-04, at 10:55 AM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:

> On 13-06-03 10:29 PM, Jean-François Dagenais wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've gone through lots of doc concerning kernel development but couldn't find the right fit.
> Are you working on the yocto master branches ? I ask, because there are
> different features in different branches of the project.

My current focus was to get things working on branch danny (poky, meta-intel,
meta-oe). We are shortly moving ahead to dylan and kernel 3.8 though.

>> As described in manuals, we've copy/pasted the kernel meta branch's crownbay bsp folder and customized it. Initially my reflex was to include the crownbay-standard.scc from my BSP's .scc file instead. This way my bsp would inherit crownbay improvements directly. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to disable kernel CONFIG_* flags which crownbay (or what it includes) explicitely enables. (Thoughts here?) So here we are. In recipe space, we've bbappended linux-yocto-3.4 so we can override the SRC_URI to use our in-office linux kernel git clone (or my development clone) populated with my merged branch and our customized meta branch, as well as provide different sha1's for the "machine" and "meta".
> If you look at poky-extra/meta-kernel-dev, you'll see that the approach
> of pointing to a different repo is common, and supported. I do something
> very similar for other kernel trees that I maintain, including overriding
> and changing all sorts of configs.
> So that matches your first reaction and something that I've been
> using for quite some time.

We have a specific layer for our machine types, kind of like the meta-crownbay vs meta-menlow layers. Here's my layer config
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-yocto \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-yocto-bsp \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-intel \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-intel/meta-crownbay \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-oe/meta-oe \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-sonatest \
  ${HOME}/yocto/poky/meta-sonatest/meta-osprey \

In meta-osprey, I have a recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_3.4.bbappend which looks like:

PRINC := "${@int(PRINC) + 9}"

COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_osprey = "osprey"
KMACHINE_osprey  = "osprey"
KBRANCH_osprey = "osprey"

SRCREV_machine_pn-linux-yocto_osprey ?= "8eae46d4bf42e2a95694f3774517f2c4aac5af28"
SRCREV_meta_pn-linux-yocto_osprey ?= "d2afffea88baa8189c7e6adafd74789bf2f41b00"

SRC_URI_osprey = " \
git://git@gitlab.sonatest.net/yocto/linux-yocto-3-4.git;protocol=ssh;nocheckout=1;branch=${KBRANCH},sapmeta;name=machine,meta \
file://squashfs.cfg \
file://hostname.cfg \


It really looks like what I saw in poky-extra, except for the AUTOREV and the *_pn-linux-yocto_* things.

Couple of questions:
- What exactly does AUTOREV do?
- Is it possible to get this bbappend to use the current working directory state (including un-committed changes)
  using the SRC_URI and AUTOREV?
- what is the _pn_ and why is it absent in the poky-contrib example? (SRCREV_machine_${MACHINE}="${AUTOREV}" and
- in SRC_URI what does the nocheckout=1 and bareclone=[0-1] do? I've had error reports about this in
  tmp/work/machine/linux-yoctoXYZ/temp logs.

> If you apply .cfg fragments in an iherited BSP that disable options
> in the base BSP (via # CONFIG_FOO is not set), you will be able to
> turn them off, you of course have to know what the BSP is setting, but
> if you are deriving work from a board, that's a reasonable thing to do.
> If you've tied this, and it isn't working, that's a bug.

Yeah I think it works. For the record, I stopped doing this since I find the
burden of cataloging all things that I need to re-disable isn't worth the
inheritance. It's best to just know explicitly what I enable or not.

> Correct. All of the base branches would already contain those
> modifications, so you can't trigger then again, unless you are
> really starting from scratch. If the tools can't determine that
> a patch is present, it will try to reapply it with the sort of
> errors that you are seeing if it really does exist.

We did some more experiments and found a lot of confusion around recipe-space's
"KBRANCH_osprey = x" vs. meta-space's "branch osprey" statements. I have
observed that if in my gitlab repo, I create a branch called "standard/osprey"
and this branch is a merge of my-master + emgd-1.16 + standard/crownbay, the
recipe build tries to patch things like kprobes and such, and basically fails

| ERROR: branch standard/osprey was requested, but was not properly
|        configured to be built. The current branch is standard/osprey/base

'standard/osprey/base' has not be mentionned anywhere that I can see, it's a
product of the recipe's work.

If I don't prefix with "standard/" in KBRANCH, then it doesn't patch and things
seems to work correctly.  (BTW, my gitlab is a clone of your linux-yocto-3.4, we
just add new branches to that)

Is this behaviour normal? If so, is there documentation for this? Another detail
when I had the prefix "standard/" in my setup: I have temporarily tried to set
branch "standard/base" at the same sha1 as my standard/osprey branch, that made
no difference.

> What does your BSP's .scc file look like ? Is it something you
> can share ?
define KMACHINE osprey
define KTYPE standard
define KARCH i386

include ktypes/standard/standard.scc
branch osprey

kconf hardware bsp/common-sonatest/hardware.cfg
kconf hardware bsp/common-sonatest/w1.cfg
kconf hardware osprey.cfg

kconf non-hardware bsp/common-sonatest/non-hardware.cfg

include cfg/x86.scc
include features/irq/irq.scc
include features/intel-e1xxxx/intel-e100.scc
include features/intel-e1xxxx/intel-e1xxxx.scc
include cfg/dmaengine.scc
include cfg/8250.scc
include features/power/intel.scc

include features/usb/ehci-hcd.scc
include features/usb/ohci-hcd.scc

include features/aufs/aufs.scc

include features/drm-emgd/drm-emgd-1.16.scc

# default policy for standard kernels
include cfg/usb-mass-storage.scc
include cfg/boot-live.scc
include features/latencytop/latencytop.scc
include features/profiling/profiling.scc

aufs.scc looks like:
kconf non-hardware aufs.cfg
branch aufs

and branch aufs exists in my linux clone. It's a merge of upstream-aufs-3.4 +
v3.4.46 + standard/base. The resulting aufs branch is merged into my machine
branch in my clone.

>> Are we going in the wrong direction? I wanted to ask early while I keep digging into this. I have to say I was quite surprised to have difficulty finding similar stories... perhaps I am not using the right keywords in google?
> I've got some READMEs on this, but they are not useful by themselves.
> I'd like to use your use case (which is valid and useful), to clean them
> up and publish them for the 1.5 release. Perhaps we can even find some
> gaps in the tools and improve things in the process .. assuming you have
> the will to work through the case with me!

Absolutely! Tell me what's next...


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