NOTE: this page is an archive. You can also visit the current OPW page.

The Yocto Project is proud to be a sponsor for the GNOME Foundation's Outreach Program for Women. This program gives women opportunities for internships at a number of organizations. This sponsorship fits with the project's values by enabling us to reach out and welcome people to the project, and we are pleased to be able to participate. Please see the OPW page for more information.

About Us

The Yocto Project is an open source project whose goal is to create and provide templates, tools, and methods to make it easy to create embedded Linux distributions. The project works heavily with upstream providers and downstream participants, cooperatively manages software packages with the OpenEmbedded Project, and is developed by hundreds of people worldwide. It is mostly written in Python and C, but the most important skill to bring is the willingness to work with others. We have a diverse set of projects available, from security and operating system hardening to QA automation. We encourage applicants to come to us with their own ideas on how to make the Yocto Project even better.

Potential Interns

For spring 2013, we are offering one internship. You can learn more about the Yocto Project on this site and by joining the community mailing lists and IRC channels - more information is on the community page, and if you have any trouble, contact Jefro, the Community Manager and Yocto Project OPW admin, directly by mail or on IRC.

For questions about the project, project ideas or mentorship info, contact the Yocto Project OPW Mentor, Beth Flanagan via email or irc: pidge on freenode or

If you are on this page, we assume you already have a bit of knowledge about what the Yocto Project is and why you'd want to be an intern for us. The world of Linux in embedded systems is fascinating and highly varied.

Here are some ideas for worthwhile internship projects. However, don't feel limited by this list. Don't be afraid to dive into the Yocto Project, ask some questions, and find a task you'd like to complete. Note that not all of these ideas have hard boundaries, which are necessary in order to determine whether you have completed the task or not. We'll be glad to work with you to craft a proposal.

  • Security: Add support for security and "hardening" a device using security packages (e.g. Bastille) to the Yocto Project. See bug 3867 for more details. Also see bug 1584 for some pointers.
  • Drive a wiki cleanup on the Yocto Project wiki.
  • Work with our QA team on automation.
  • Review the Linux kernel driver patches.
  • Craft your own! We welcome participants to give us suggestions on how to make the Yocto Project even better!
  • If you get really stuck, check out our list of "janitorial" bugs.