The Yocto Project is now a standard for creating Linux® distributions that are supported by numerous embedded Linux vendors. We have found that it is of great interest to many AMD Embedded Solutions customers, who include Medical Imaging, Casino and Arcade Gaming, Digital Signage, Communications and Networking, Aerospace and Defense, and Industrial Control and Automation industries.

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Working with our technology partner – Mentor® Graphics – AMD Embedded
Solutions is supporting Yocto Project-based distributions for our current APU and
SoC device platforms. As a Yocto Project compatible product, Mentor Embedded
Linux brings standardized features and tools, and ensures quick access to the
latest Board Support Packages (BSPs) for AMD 64-bit x86 architecture including
the AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC) (codenamed “Steppe
Eagle”) and the 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series APU/CPU (codenamed
“Bald Eagle”). Embedded systems developers have comprehensive access to the
Mentor Embedded Linux development platform for customized embedded Linux
development and commercial support, as well as a no-cost Mentor Embedded Linux Lite derivative providing all the essentials to evaluate Linux on AMD embedded processors.

To address the growing complexity of embedded systems, embedded developers also have access to SourceryTM CodeBench for greater insight into system execution, performance and debugging applications in Linux-based embedded systems.

AMD believes the Yocto Project can continue to expand the level of standardization for and compatibility between embedded Linux distributions, which will help provide even better support for Embedded customers.

Linux is pervasive in embedded computing, and the Yocto Project allows companies and developers to advance embedded development for a new generation of devices powered by AMD embedded CPUs, APUs and GPUs. We are looking forward to providing comprehensive solutions to the embedded Linux community with our products, in collaboration with Mentor Graphics and the Yocto Project.

– Scott Aylor, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, AMD Embedded Solutions