Thursday, 2017-03-23

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khemkergoth: whats your bblayers.conf like00:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #853 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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nrossiso would adding some binutils/mingw dependent glibc-gconv-* modules to the uninative tarball be acceptable? or is default uninative-tarball specifically intended to be lean on those parts of libc?02:05
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khemwhy are they needed ?03:56
nrossikhem: turns out windres needs utf-16 and cp1252 for parsing/generating resource files03:59
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luneffIs there a nice way to redo a package after a rm -f build/tmp/.../.../package?04:06
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luneffok, bitbake package -f -c do_cleansstate :-)04:11
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khemjust -cclean might be enough04:17
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khemnrossi: in this case, I guess it might be ok04:18
khemkergoth: partially because yocto project does not test layers ( due to combotool )04:21
khemthis could be one reason why it gets less attention04:21
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stdintcould someone tell me who is the maintainer of meta rockchip now?06:45
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mdnneoHi is there a way to "include" a machine conf from a different layer in my own machine conf ... seems like require only work in my own layer and include doesn't seem to work at all?07:34
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JaMasgw_: ping07:47
JaMasgw_: there is no LICENSE/COPYING files in meta-intel repository (only in meta-tlk sublayer), can you please clarify it?07:48
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frscmdnneo: I think require should work if you use a path relative to the layer directory. E.g. require conf/machine/include/imx-base.inc07:59
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mdnneofrsc: seems like it just work if I provide some relative path like ../meta-intel/conf/machine/core-i7.conf and then I get errors about the used requires in this file is not working08:11
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: IIRC it hast to be the full path from the layers root, but not relative08:14
LetoThe2ndlike frsc said08:14
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mdnneoLetoThe2nd: still I would have the errors the the requie in the file itself fails even if I use the absolute path08:18
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LetoThe2ndmdnneo: then maybe show the complete line? we do something similar for our distro to derive from poky, and we see no issues.08:20
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mdnneoLetoThe2nd: require ../../conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf (the dots are needed in our structure)08:22
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: so we have meta-intel next to meta-our08:23
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: oh there is a meta-intel missing in after the dots08:23
RPmdnneo: just make the path conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf08:23
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: i'm pretty sure that the dots are the problem. meta-intel is in bblayers, hopefully. so in the flattened structure, it is just conf/machine/intel-corei7-53.conf08:24
RPmdnneo: It should search each entry in BBPATH for this flle08:24
LetoThe2nds/53/64/g... unless intel has some cool esoteric boards out that i don't know of yet ;-)08:25
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mdnneostill  ... Could not include required file conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf08:25
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LetoThe2ndand you are sure that the layers are all included?08:26
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: pretty since I can build the original machine08:28
JaMaRP: what license is used for meta-intel?08:29
mdnneocurrently I'm not sure if conf files are ment to be included at all?08:29
RPJaMa: for the metadata? Should be the standard MIT afaik08:29
JaMathere is no LICENSE/COPYING file in meta-intel root, just in meta-tlk sublayer08:30
JaMaso some coleagues are worried to assume MIT just because it's used almost everywhere else08:30
RPJaMa: that is bad, something sgw needs to fix08:30
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LetoThe2ndmdnneo: i can only confirm what RP and frsc said. it works, and it works here too. so the best guess is that you are messing up the path somehow.08:31
RPJaMa: we can get that fixed when sgw is around08:31
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JaMaRP: thanks08:31
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RPLetoThe2nd, mdnneo: there is an example with poky-lsb which does require conf/distro/poky.conf08:32
RPmdnneo: you are not putting quotes around the path are you?08:32
mdnneoRP: nope08:33
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: maybe put the real thing onto some pastrbin, instead of manually placing it in here (with all the errors that come with that) so we can have a look.08:34
mdnneoRP, LetoThe2nd : currently just have a build running give me a sek ... I think the poky-lsb is working since its in the same layer, isn't it?08:35
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: maybe that particular case. but it certainly works across layers too.08:36
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mdnneoLetoThe2nd: so here you see what I tried and what are the errors08:44
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Tamiswhat would be a good method to just call some recipes from one recipe?08:46
Tamisjust create a dummy recipe that would depend on those I want? or there is a better method?08:46
mdnneoTamis: If you just need to overwrite a function/variable use a bbappend file08:47
mdnneoTamis: if you want to provide a own package the depend should be ok IMHO08:48
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Tamismdnneo: I want something basic. I built lets say 5 recipes. I don't want to type those 5 every time. I want to make a recipe make_all_5.bb08:50
mdnneoTamis: so then I think you want packagegroups08:50
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Tamismdnneo: hmm thanks I will search for it08:51
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: well according to current meta-intel state, you are mixing things up. there is a file called 'conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf', and there is a file called 'conf/machine/include/'. but no 'conf/machine/include/intel-corei7-64.conf' as stated in your paste08:52
mdnneoTamis: like poky/meta/recipes-extended/packagegroups/packagegroup-core-lsb.bb08:52
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: damn copy paste ... remove the its one lvl up .. without include08:53
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: like in 3.08:53
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: why again did i tell you to give me the real thing instead of mashing something up?08:54
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LetoThe2ndmdnneo: so for your paste: 1) has a wrong path. 2) has a wrong path 3) has a relative path and is not supposed to work08:55
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: but the error msg is correct ... also for the correct path ... sry08:55
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: Could not include required file conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf ... to many stuff in parallel08:56
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: i am absolutely sure that unless there is something that you fail to mention or are hiding, that "require conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf" is correct.08:56
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: using jethro also shouldn't matter?08:57
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: we are actively using this technique on dizzy krogoth and morty.08:57
LetoThe2ndi see no reason why jethro should be different08:57
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LetoThe2ndis your layer tinkering with priorities, or messing BBPATH?08:58
LetoThe2ndif in doubt, create a new blank layer, and try again.09:00
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mdnneoLetoThe2nd: readding via bitbake-layers add-layer ../meta-intel/ fixed it .. seems like I really messed it up ... sorry for the noise09:06
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: so you are saying that you didn't check bblayers.conf?09:08
LetoThe2nd09:24 < LetoThe2nd> mdnneo: i'm pretty sure that the dots are the problem. meta-intel is in bblayers, hopefully.09:08
mdnneoLetoThe2nd: I checked but I changed the absolute path to use a var ... still need to check whats the problem with this09:08
* LetoThe2nd grumbles, sighs, and returns to actually productive stuff.09:09
LetoThe2ndmdnneo: not all ways of variable expansion in bblayers work out. if in doubt, be absolulte.09:09
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mdnneoLetoThe2nd: I need to check ... sry for "wasting" your time ... was really not my intention09:10
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cornelzlib 1.2.8 is no longer on zlib.net09:21
cornelhow do you usually workaround this?09:21
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corneland mirror has a checksum mismatch :(09:23
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bluelightningcornel: we have our own mirror which we enable by default - have you disabled that?09:32
cornelbluelightning, no, but this means i must havethat mirror, for example this would not help somebody starting just now09:33
bluelightningcornel: by own mirror I mean it's available now on and default configured to fetch from there if fetching from upstream fails - so it should work for everyone09:33
cornelbluelightning, ah, i see09:34
cornelnot sure, maybe it already works, have not checked this. i just assumed it uses our local mirror :)09:34
bluelightningthe variable we set to enable it is MIRRORS09:34
cornellet me try again09:35
cornelthe warning is: zlib-1.2.8 not found, trying MIRRORS09:35
bluelightningright - but you just get the warning?09:35
bluelightningnot an error?09:35
cornelyes, i just get the warning09:35
corneland i wanted to get rid of the warning09:36
cornelso i've updated SRC_URI to point to mirrors, then it failed because checksum was wrong09:36
bluelightningthe only way to do that is to fix the recipe's URL to match whatever upstream has moved it to09:36
bluelightningyou'd have to ask upstream about that09:36
cornelbluelightning, ok, thank you very much09:37
bluelightningat least your build isn't blocked though :)09:37
cornelindeed :)09:37
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ilkmc2rHello there, I am trying to build core-image-minimal image for raspberrypi3. Even I had successfully build, I can not see the wlan interface. What should be the reason? Which kernel module do I have to use09:45
ilkmc2rbtw I have added DISTRO_FEATURES_append += " wifi" to my local.conf09:46
RPkanavin, marquiz: is "interesting". Do we need to do anything about those warnings?09:47
mborzeckiilkmc2r: IIRC 'wifi' in distro features only trigger installation of wpa_supplicant, nothing more, you still have to make sure that your kernel has the right drivers and that these drivers are being loaded09:52
ilkmc2rmborzecki: Thanks for your feedback, do you have any idea for kernel modules ?09:52
ilkmc2rmborzecki: I mean for the drivers09:53
mborzeckiif you're using meta-raspberrypi then kernel-modules (all of them) should already get installed, now you just need to verify which module is right for your wifi dongle09:54
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cornelrpi3 has a built-in wifi, right?09:55
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yourfatecornel: yes afaik09:56
mborzeckioh, w8, right ;) i'm still stuck with rpi209:56
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mborzeckiilkmc2r: looks like there are some patches in meta-raspberrypi master that might be of interest to you10:00
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ilkmc2rmborzecki: Thanks, I will try this!10:03
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zumbiHello, I have issues fetching 'file' in morty, I have already applied patch updating SRC_REV but I still get error messages10:19
zumbiERROR: file-5.28-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision acbaf156236cbc54b3cf3bc6cbf05d80cb196451 in branch master even from upstream10:19
zumbiERROR: file-5.28-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.10:19
zumbiis someone else experiencing similar issues?10:19
zumbido you have any hint I could try to work around this issue?10:20
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has joined #yocto10:21
zumbinevermind, ";nobranch=1" makes it work again10:27
bluelightningzumbi: when you say you already applied the patch - are you aware that upstream changed their hash and then went back to the old hash? so you probably shouldn't need any patch now10:27
kanavinRP: warnings, maybe not (as it's only a temporary dir for testing), but errors about unable to allocate memory are a bit of problem. We use host gpg for signing, and I wonder, if we should start building it natively, so we don't have to chase differences across versions and distributions.10:27

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