Tuesday, 2017-01-17

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zauberstuhlhi, is there an alternative for cleaning multiple recipes? since bitbake -c cleansstate gem-* isn't working00:19
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sveinseDEPENDS_append_class-target can be used to specify native or nativesdk depends. How do you do the oposite? Add deps that only applies to the target? Best would be via PACKAGECONFIG, but how do I refrain native* from pulling in that dep?00:34
sveinseuim requires libedit on target, but there is no libedit-native, and I don't really need it. How can I a) not depend on libedit for any native target, and b) change the configure options to omit it00:36
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nrossisveinse: DEPENDS_append_class-target are target only depends. The trick is that the target can depend on -native during the build (if it needs to run something on the host during build). In your case you should just depend on libedit as a RDEPENDS no? ...00:50
nrossisveinse: What i think you are after is a PACKAGECONFIG[libedit] = "--with-libedit,--with-libedit=no,,libedit"00:51
nrossisveinse: And have a PACKAGECONFIG ??= "libedit", PACKAGECONFIG_class-native ??= ""00:51
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sveinsenrossi: clever, thanks01:05
sveinseAbout that: I see --with-libedit=no quite a number of places, as opposed to --without-libedit. Why is that?01:05
nrossisveinse: Check the configure, ./configure --help. I  was just reading the source .ac file for what arg to disable, and it looked like it only checks for --with-libedit=no01:09
kergothpretty sure they're basically identical.01:09
kergothwhen you pass —without=, the value is no01:09
sveinsenrossi: libedit and RDEPENDS: no. configure will detect its missing and disable it, so it needs to be in DEPENDS01:10
nrossisveinse: that depends, generally it is better to be explicit than just assuming auto-detection01:11
sveinseexactly, I'm adding that01:12
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sveinseany online code paster that recognizes bb files?01:28
sveinseAnyways, here is my humble attempt at fixing uim_1.8.6.bb in meta-openembedded: https://bpaste.net/show/78966587bb71. Very interested in feedback!01:31
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bluelightningsveinse: it would be easier to review in the form of a patch, is that something you could produce?01:34
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sveinsebluelightning: yes of course, hang on01:35
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sveinsebluelightning: here. https://bpaste.net/show/6798f0e42c93. Diffed against jethro, but krogoth is very similar01:40
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bluelightningsveinse: the two x11 lines in the PACKAGECONFIG default value should be combined into  ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'x11', 'x11 gtk', '', d)} \01:43
nrossisveinse:  RDEPENDS_uim = "libuim0 libedit" RDEPENDS_uim-anthy = "takao-fonts anthy libanthy0" will still trigger dependence on libedit, anthy01:43
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bluelightningyeah, and if it's actually linking to those libraries none of that should be necessary01:44
bluelightningtakao-fonts would need to be explicit though presumably - but you'd do that via the rdepends parameter in the PACKAGECONFIG line01:44
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bluelightningsveinse: the PACKAGECONFIG[gtk] line ought to have config options - does it not provide any ?01:45
sveinseyeah, agreed. Now that files end up in the right packages, the so-resolver can figure that out01:45
sveinsebluelightning: I honestly don't know. our use case of uim is without x11 and gtk, so that it a black box for me. Sorry01:45
nrossisveinse: "--without-gtk2 --with-gtk3" -> should be in the [gtk] packageconfig01:46
bluelightningactually it looks like it supports gtk2 / 3 or nothing, so I would just have a PACKAGECONFIG for gtk and gtk3, drop the one for x11, and control the default for those from x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES01:47
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sveinsenrossi: yes perhaps, but the thing is that it was included in the uim-native before...01:48
nrossisveinse: also if you are going for cleaning up, worth moving the "--without-*" from EXTRA_OECONF into PACKAGECONFIG[*] options, even if you only fill out the disabled side01:48
sveinsenrossi: will do (whatever they are)01:49
sveinserdepends, is that the fourth argument to PACKAGECONFIG, right?01:50
nrossisveinse: yep01:50
nrossisveinse: but its specific to only the ${PN} package01:50
sveinsenrossi: yes, I did know that01:51
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sveinsemkII of the fixup. Now it starts to look more neat: https://bpaste.net/show/0c65dc68257702:20
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sveinseNow its long over due for sleep. Night guys02:26
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themikenicholsonRunning into an issue with populate_sdk_ext in meta-qt502:38
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themikenicholsonI don't see an issue tracker or anything on their github repo though (https://github.com/meta-qt5/meta-qt5).  Do the OE projects use an external issue tracker or are they strictly running off of mailing lists?02:39
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kergoththemikenicholson: depends on the project/layer. see the readme02:54
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