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The Angstrom Distribution

The Ångström Distribution is an embedded Linux distribution used widely on TI-based embedded boards like the BeagleBoard and PandaBoard. Ångström was started by a small group of people who worked on the OpenEmbedded, OpenZaurus and OpenSimpad projects to unify their effort to make a stable and userfriendly distribution for embedded devices like handhelds, set top boxes and network-attached storage devices and more.


Fish River Island 2 Board

The Fish River Island 2 (FRI 2) BSP supports the system on which the FRI2 is based: the Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit. For information on the kit and details about the systems ports and features, see the link for the Kontron Developer Kit.


Mentor Embedded Linux 2013.03

Mentor Embedded Linux combines the freedom of open source software, the flexibility of extreme customizability and the security of full commercial support in a powerful, easy-to-use package. Paired with Sourcery CodeBench, it gives developers the power to create their own rich, unique product platform.


Wind River Linux 5

With the adoption of the Yocto Project™ as its core foundation, Wind River® Linux 5 is the evolutionary next step for open source platforms, elevating the value of our popular embedded Linux platform.