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Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River Linux 7

Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River® Linux is a Yocto Project 1.7 Compatible product that meets the registration requirements of Linux Foundation’s CGL 5.0 specification. As an add-on profile for Wind River Linux 7, this turnkey solution delivers all the technologies essential to building a powerful, flexible, responsive, stable, and secure platform.


Wind River Open Virtualization 7

Open Virtualization delivers a real-time embedded virtualization solution using open source Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology combined with a proven commercial Linux distribution. This fully integrated and performance-optimized solution enables many applications and functions running on dedicated operating systems and hardware to consolidate into one intelligent system, allowing for highly scalable systems at lower cost.



Qt5 support


Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux

Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux is a small, high-performance, secure, and manageable Open Source Linux distribution designed to simplify and speed your embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) development projects. Based on 35 years of Wind River industry-leading experience and the latest Yocto Project Compatible releases, Pulsar ensures your team is working with the highest-quality commercial open source embedded operating system on the market.

With Pulsar Linux, users get:


LinuxLink 5.0

Timesys’ LinuxLink 5.0 is a set of tools that includes Bakery, an intuitive web UI that enables you to quickly and easily jump start your embedded Linux based development using Yocto Project standards — with no prior experience needed. Using the Bakery tool to create your custom image, you simply select a machine, customize your configuration and then download and run the Timesys-generated installer to set up the development environment required to build it.


Renesas R-Car Gen2

Renesas is releasing the first second-generation R-Car, the R-Car H2, which has vastly improved performance.


Enea Linux 6.0

Enea Linux contains open source development tools exclusively, which are hardened to support all phases of the development process. Our services capabilities tackle any unique customer requirements related to embedded Linux.


Wind River Linux 8

Based on the Linux embedded OS trusted in millions of devices, Wind River® Linux 8 brings together the freedom of open source with the consistency, convenience, and assurance of commercial software.

Wind River Linux is dedicated to providing the industry's leading commercially supported Yocto Project Compatible Linux for IoT and embedded developers.


Wind River Linux 5

With the adoption of the Yocto Project™ as its core foundation, Wind River® Linux 5 is the evolutionary next step for open source platforms, elevating the value of our popular embedded Linux platform.


Mentor Embedded Linux 2013.03

Mentor Embedded Linux combines the freedom of open source software, the flexibility of extreme customizability and the security of full commercial support in a powerful, easy-to-use package. Paired with Sourcery CodeBench, it gives developers the power to create their own rich, unique product platform.