Yocto Project 1.7.2 - Dizzy

Toaster is a web interface to BitBake, the Yocto Project build system. This manual covers the web interface only. Some other useful documentation resources are:

What does Toaster do?

Toaster is a build analysis tool. It collects data about the build process and its outcome and presents it in a web interface that lets you browse, search, and query the information in different ways.

Toaster collects the following information about the build process:

  • Outcome of the build, errors and warnings thrown
  • Packages included in an image
  • Image directory structure
  • Build configuration
  • Recipes and packages built
  • Full dependency chain for tasks, recipes and packages
  • Tasks run by the build system
  • Performance information: time, CPU usage and disk I/O per task

Currently Toaster does not allow you to configure and launch a build. However, future development includes plans to integrate the configuration and build launching capabilities of Hob.

Toaster homepage and table controls

This video goes over the Toaster entry page, and provides an overview of the data manipulation capabilities of Toaster, which include search, sorting and filtering by different criteria.

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Build dashboard

This video shows you the build dashboard, a page providing an overview of the information available for a selected build.

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Image information

This video walks through the information Toaster provides about images: packages installed and root file system.

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This video shows the information Toaster provides about build configuration.

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This video shows the information Toaster provides about the tasks run by the build system.

Recipes and packages built

This video shows the information Toaster provides about recipes and packages built.

Performance data

This video shows the build performance data provided by Toaster.