For years people talk about eating your own dog food and using the environment you build to actually do the build, well we went and did just that with the  Yocto Project Build Appliance. We have created an image which after some tuning and tweaking can start up the Hob tool running on a Poky-based system.

It a full system that includes the downloads directory so that it could be installed behind a corporate firewall, but has the capability to set proxies to get additional source packages.

This environment can be run in qemu, but it's better run in a VM that can take advantage of the underlying Multiprocessor systems. The Build Appliance is available as an OVF file with a VMDK disk that can be booted in VMplayer (go here for details).

This can allow folks with Windows or MacOS to take the Yocto Project for a spin and see what they think, it's not suited for full blown development as it's running virtualized.

Take it out for a spin! It can be downloaded from here.