Forwarding from Khem Raj on the OE mailing list, augmented by Paul Eggleton:

I would like to invite everyone to the bug fixing weekend which is coming from Feb 21 to Feb 24

Bugs in NEW status for OE-Core & related categories:

All bugs/enhancements in NEW status in interesting categories:

All bugs in the Yocto Project bugzilla are assigned to someone - this happens automatically. However, if they are in the NEW status that means that the assignment is just provisional based on the component the bug is in - if someone is working on the bug it would normally be set to ACCEPTED. So you can see bugs in the NEW status as effectively unassigned.

Please feel free to pick any of the NEW bugs which you are interested in. If there is a doubt please add a comment to bug or send email to existing assignee to coordinate your fix.

Please assign the bugs to yourself beforehand and set the status to ACCEPTED

This is a potential list but not exhaustive, you are free to pick any bugs that are not listed here and fix them,

I also think it will be good to utilize IRC channel during the bug blitz weekend for communicating to supplement emails and mailing list communications

I will send the reminders of the event as we come close to it.

Looking forward to it