October and November have been an incredibly busy time for the Yocto Project. Besides getting release 1.5 "Dora" out the door, producing a great Developer Day and attending the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, we have four new additions to the Yocto Project family. The project is proud to welcome Freescale, OS Systems, Dell, and Renesas as member organizations.

  • Freescale Semiconductor is well known as a provider of ARM and PPC based embedded hardware. The Yocto Project has long had support for Freescale's boards in the popular, community-maintained meta-fsl layers. We are very happy to welcome Freescale as a Gold member.
  • OS Systems is an embedded consulting firm in Brazil specializing in multi-platform BSPs. They are also the maintainer for the meta-fsl-arm and meta-qt5 layers. We are proud to welcome OS Systems as a Silver member.
  • Dell is a household name in computing, and also a familiar name in the Yocto Project, as Dell was one of the founding member organizations of the project when we launched in 2010. We are happy to welcome Dell back as a Silver member.
  • Renesas, a specialist semiconductor manufacturer based in Santa Clara, CA, is also a very familiar name within the project, as they have been representing the LTSI project on the Yocto Project Advisory Board. We are very happy to welcome Renesas as a Silver member.

Please help us welcome all of our new members.