Embedded developers worldwide have descended upon Barcelona, Spain, this week for the Embedded Linux Conference. The Yocto Project has several talks as well as a BoF (ongoing as I write this) and possibly the coolest demo in ELCE history - a self-propelled blimp, with software written by college student and intern Kevin Strasser, who is at the conference to talk about how he created it. 

Some tweets directly from the BoF this afternoon in a packed room (thanks @davest):

  • "i want to personally thank you for the work you're doing" - the @yoctoproject #elce BOF.
  • http://t.co/b9x5LQ6E the @yoctoproject BOF at the #elce conference. Wow, a lot of people!
  • The efforts of our intrepid intern to build a network distributed embedded Linux blimp with the yocto project [video] the work of our intern Kevin Strasser. Built with @yoctoproject
  • Got a few comments on my @yoctoproject blog entry about licenses and binary distros. Hey, somebody is reading them!
  • Tracey gets applause from the @yoctoproject BOF at #elce for talking about requirements