In October, following the release of the 1.1 (Edison) version, Yocto Project engineers embarked on a challenging project: to create a new embedded product using the Yocto Project tools in three weeks. The result is a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device called Baryon, based on the Intel Black Sand (Intel Atom N450) single-board computer. This layer turns a Black Sand into a fully-functional NAS. The wiki page about the project shows all of the details about the project, including profiling results.

Says Shane Wang, lead engineer on the project: "In order to test Yocto's usability to build images for embedded devices, we choose a personal NAS, based on Intel's Black Sand hardware, and expected to complete in a pretty constrained time frame (3 weeks). We did some investigation on different packages, prioritized some key features, and worked out a NAS solution based on the Yocto Project from Oct. 12 to Oct 28. Now the code for Baryon is ready, the demo is also ready, the data for preliminary profiling and tracing with ADT is ready."

Major efforts for this project included:

  • Samba server (Edwin)
  • webmin, a web interface for administration and configuration (Paul)
  • NFS server (Ke)
  • Media Tomb (Dongxiao)
  • Proftpd server (Dexuan)
  • SSH and RSYNC (Dexuan)
  • Soft RAID (Dexuan)
  • Profiling and Tracing by ADT tools (Dongxiao, Lianhao and Jiajun)
  • Testing (Jiajun)

For more information, see the Baryon wiki page.