Criticism can be hard to hear, particularly when you care about something a lot.

But if you can be open to it, it's important to hear, particularly unsolicited, honest feedback.

I really appreciate a talk Chris Simmonds gave in October 2012 in Barcelona at the Embedded Linux Conference - Europe. In it, he listed out the major requirements he has as an embedded Linux consultant. Then he ranked three different approaches using these requirements: Android, Traditional Linux Distributions, and the Yocto Project / Open Embedded.

Yocto came out pretty good in that talk, but one of Chris' requirements was to have a read-only root filesystem. Although this is something you could engineer using Yocto, it was not very easy, so we got a low score. This is an important feature if you have a flash-based device.

We took this to heart, and did work in our upcoming v1.4 release to add this. If you look in the documentation for the v1.4 release in the section titled "Creating the Root Filesystem" it shows how you can add "read-only-rootfs" to IMAGE_FEATURES or EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES and instantly get this support.

This is a great example to me of the community asking for something and the community (the Yocto Project community) delivering it.