After a dose of warmer weather, those of us on the west coast of the US are experiencing a return to winter for a little while. Strange how I can have a talk with folks like Tom Zanussi who are suffering from 80 degree (F) heat in Chicago or BIll Mills in Maryland while my poor toes are turning blue from the cold. Boo hoo, I know. Portland is pretty close to paradise for me as a place to live, but there are moments when it gets just a bit rainy.

 As this mail from Beth Flanagan announces, we have just released M3, the third development milestone for our April release of the Yocto Project. Huzzah! We do these milestones every 6 to 8 weeks to pause, make sure things are stable enough, assure ourselves that we're on the right track for the release, and make the results available to you for your evaluation and use.

This milestone also marks our "feature complete" point in the project. From here on out, we should only be fixing bugs rather than adding functionality. 

Some good stuff in this milestone release:

  • Our totally revamped developer experience called the Hob. If you have used the version of Hob from our October 2011 release, you will be extremely pleased with the revisions. I did some formal user testing of the new version, and I was simply blown away by how attractive and professional-looking are the results. If you are interested in trying this out, we have a beta test coming up, and would love to get your feedback. 
  • The developer experience for folks who might not have the latest Linux distribution on their desktop. The Build Appliance is a VMware guest image which boots up directly into Hob and allows you to start up a build. Most intriguing, since this means the Yocto Project is accessible even to people who use Windows on their beefy machines.
  • There are a number of other cool features that you will be hearing about in due course.

Our QA testing did show that we have a couple of issues wtih this release, but felt we should get it out to you quickly. One we know about is that 3D graphics support appears to be broken in the generated Linux OS. This means that if you have an application which is depending on OpenGL functioning correctly, you might want to hold off on using M3 while we get this sorted out. The bug number is 2066 in case you want to track it.

Thanks to the team and community for their hard work - now on to release!