I am really delighted that we now have a full-time Community Manager on the Yocto Project: he is Jeff Osier-Mixon, better known on IRC and email as "jefro".

I first met jefro last January when I was attending OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in Portland, Oregon. Jeff was giving a talk about the Beagle Board. I was impressed with the way jefro demonstrated the board's functions and Linux options. It was also clear that jefro was a natural at connecting with developers. From following him on Twitter and visiting his website, I discovered that he was a very articulate advocate for embedded Linux and had been for years.

A lot of us have been doing a little bit of community building work here on the project, but it's really at best a tiny sliver of time we can devote to it. And of course when the demands of our regular job intrudes, it can look like the project is a ghost town.

So it's great having jefro on the project, to bring some professional focus to this critical role.

Welcome Jefro to the Yocto Project! You can expect to see him popping up on #yocto and #poky and the mailing lists before long.