We had a great face-to-face meeting at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (LFCS) of what we were calling the Yocto Project Steering Group. In case you are worried that such a meeting is in plush surroundings, let me set you straight right away.

Linux Collab Summit - Advisory Board Face to face

Here you can see Paul Anderson of Wind River, Atul Bansal of Timesys, Sean Hudson of Dell and Bill Mills of Texas Instruments. And you can see that we have a rather basic "board" concept, mostly from plywood.

Once we got the table working properly, we got down to business. There is an official minutes from Jefro but some highlights that stick in my head:

  • Governance

Linux Collab Summit - Advisory Board Face to face

We had a chance to really talk through the governance model again, and decided we should do a few tweeks. For one thing, the "Steering Group" was really misnamed. We agreed with its role in the overall structure, but we decided it would be better named as an "Advisory Board", since the Architect and Maintainers do the real steering on the project. We also took care of some important housekeeping, like how we would make decisions and organize meetings.

Linux Collab Summit - Advisory Board Face to face

  • Interest Groups

We also discussed how we can empower "Interest Groups" to start up and drive various parts of the project, like Advocacy and Infrastructure and BSPs. We arrived at an understanding of how to start an Interest Group and how we can support them as a project.

  • BSPs

We have started work here, but clearly this is an area of great interest to generate more Yocto BSPs. Once we lead in this area more, we will get closer to the "Tipping Point" for the project.

I'm definitely looking forward to more meetings with this group. I really appreciate the strengths of the members a lot more than I did, and I am enjoying the personalities collected. I have a feeling we will have much more productive sessions going forward, now that we have seen each other.
Linux Collab Summit - Advisory Board Face to face