There is an old saying that is quite reliable: "Those who love sausage and the law should see neither being made." I have a friend who once was involved in making what he called "hot pack" sausage. The description nearly turned me into a vegetarian.

But I would perhaps extend this to technology demos.

At the Emebedded Linux Conference - Europe, we had a really nice demo which graphically showed how the Yocto Project can work easily well on multiple architectures.

Yocto Project demo at Embedded Linux Conference - Europe

What an attractive demo! But what does it take to put this kind of thing together?

I wish I could tell you that we have some elaborate technical marketing staff that pulled this thing together and had it humming perfectly before the conference. In reality, we had the senior leaders and technologists of the project who are scattered around the world collaborate on this, and then pull it all together onsite.

How could we be so foolish? Well, it actually proves one of the advantages of the Yocto Project and Linux itself.

For example, Tom was working out of his home office in Illinois on one part of the demo, but he only had an x86 system to test it on. The "port" to the non-x86 system was reportedly a matter of doing a rebuild with the existing recipes and a different machine.

So when we got to Cambridge, the final assembly and check out of the demo occurred in Mark's hotel room. At one point, a network connection stopped working; the team decided it was because someone was sitting on the router!

Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2010

Most of the actual issues to be worked out were just little system administration issues like ensuring network connections were visible and would come up in case of a power failure.

Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2010

And speaking of power, there was a major dearth of power in the Cambridge hotel room, requiring one of the team to sit in the bathroom to plug in their system for a rebuild!

Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2010

Not a bad bit of sausage making!

Embedded Linux Conference - Europe 2010

More photos from the event at my Flickr set: