If you saw the Toaster prototype at ELCE 2013 you might be wondering what is happening with it. Did we really build it?

Well: yes, we did, and as promised it will be part of the Yocto Project 1.6 "Daisy" release.


Toaster is a web interface for BitBake, the Yocto Project build system. Toaster collects all sorts of interesting data about the build process and its outcome, stores it neatly in a database, and presents it to you in a web interface so that you can browse and query the information at will.

The Yocto Project wiki has some instructions on how to set up and run Toaster

Can I launch my builds with Toaster?

Not yet, but that might be coming in the 1.7 Yocto Project release.

What does Toaster look like?

Scroll just a little bit farther for some screenshots and a short video. If you have feedback or comments, or you would like to help us build Toaster, send an email to the Toaster mailing list

And now, the eye candy

The Toaster homepageList of packages included in your image with dependency informationThe directory structure of your imageThe history of a variableThe list of tasks run by the build systemThe list of recipes builtBuild performance informationInformation about an included package

Yocto Project: Toaster screencast from Yocto Project